October 17, 2009

Open Studio

Busy day down at WHY. No ballooning today (wind) so I snuck in to Nykki's 9:00 am class (strong practice, awesome savasana). Then back home for a bit, and returned to the studio at 12:00 for Open Studio. I kept pretty busy - attended Peter's EI preview (I've been invited to Silent Monitor at the December EI, looking forward to that).

Afterwards, I stepped into the studio (completely unplanned) to assist for Shnakara (Intro to Yoga) and then Nykki (Hot Yoga). Laurie was my partner in crime and we tried to keep newcomers from getting to tied up in knots. Shankara's class is always tough to assist in, since he does a lot of rolling around on the mat and feeling the body, and not a lot of formal asana. Nykki's class, on the other hand - yoga boot camp. But by the end of the hour long class they looked like yogis. Nykki's good like that. I was tired out and after a few quick tweaks from my friendly neighborhood Chiropractor (Peter was doing free adjustments, he looked at my knee but then went for the back and neck, which always freaks me out) I headed home. Where I fell into bed and napped for two hours - exhausted from Kirtan and Yoga.

So I'm up late (because of the nap) - headed off to bed. Yoga tomorrow, hopefully, and maybe a hike. And maybe get caught up on some work.....

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