October 22, 2009

Condo Update

Last update, with any luck, prior to closing. I got word this week that my mortgage had been approved and that we had been given the green light to close this week. But there was a catch - my broker found a better deal, with no points (vs. 1 point originally) and 1/2 percent lower rate. But I had to wait for fair lending disclosure (received today) so we set a closing date for next Wed.

It's not all that much - $1000 less at closing, and perhaps $25 or $30 less per month on the mortgage. But a better deal is a better deal.

With any luck, Wed I'll own a condo. And start moving in shortly thereafter. I'm hoping to have my first moving day on Nov 7, although I might end up teaching Free Intro to Yoga at 1 pm that day. Splitting up the moving between the houshold stuff (Nov 7) and the office (later in the month) to give me some time to get in and get situated, and to give my brother time to come fetch the resident pool table in the basement where my office is supposed to be.

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