October 17, 2009

Kirtan Post Mortem

Friday night Kirtan. As usual, a very busy Friday, with work in the morning, then teaching two yoga classes. A quick lunch and then back to the studio to set up for Kirtan. Back to work until 5, home for a dinner and a bit of relaxing, then back to the studio for 7:30 pm. Kirtan went pretty well - good crowd, and a bunch of new numbers that worked pretty well. But we seemed a little off - lots of little issues:

1) We really miss Molly our flautist, gone on to a job out of state
2) I personally need to practice more. If only to keep my callouses and be able to vamp more, especially on bass.
3) I think we also need to practice as a group more. We spent a lot of time on new pieces but not a lot of time working on old stuff.
4) To that end, I think we need to limit new numbers to 1-2 per performance (we brought 4 new pieces out this month). Just to permit some time to rehearse old stuff. We also need to do a better job of learning new pieces. Having the music and words available would help, I was working of fhastily scribble notes this month, and we were all trying to remember the new pieces since none of us had the CD or MP3, and I think that contributed to a longer than usual between song dead time.
5) I personally think we need to mix in a few more classic kirtan chants (Krishna Das kind of stuff) which the audience likes and can chant along with. Some of the newer stuff is less participatory.

All in all, a learning experience. Sounds like we're on track to tighten up for December.

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