October 17, 2009

Hopeful Things About My New Condo

For the record, we're still not closed yet. I've gotten a verbal "good to go" from the mortgage broker and a projected closing date of early next week. So I'm confident enough to start picking furniture up on Craigs List, but holding off on the celebration. In the meantime, some projections into the future...

1. Yoga Space. I don't have a place to lay down a mat where I live now, and even a temporary space is marred by dog interference. So I just do not have much of a self practice right now. I'm planning to have a mat down 24/7 in the spare bedroom at the new place.

2. Music Space. Similarly, it's difficult to make space and time for music here - I have to bring the instruments out from the back porch and then deal with Zippy's "rama lama ding dong" comments when it comes to kirtan music. This last kirtan I really felt the lack of practice. I'm hoping to pick up the guitar and bass more often at the new place.....

3. Healthy Eating. Working out of the home, I tend to grab lunch on the go (invariably, Subway or some other fast food). I'm hoping to be able to eat a healthier lunch once I move back into a home office, and have my own kitchen / fridge / larder / etc.

4. Decor and Art. When I moved in with Zippy, I marveled at the walls filled with art (some of it quite large and vibrant). He's quite the collector. But the downside is that there has really not been a lot of space for my taste and preferences. So I'm hoping to find art and decor that nourish my spirit. I already have an eye on some artist friends who I would love to support.....and love to have their work in my home.

5. Radio. I'm a big fan of public radio and listen pretty much no-stop at my office. Zippy is not a big fan of talk radio. So I mostly defer to his tastes (college radio music shows or no radio) around the house. I suspect I'll be a bit more of a radio listener around the house once I move....

6. Organization. I'll admit it, I'm a messy person. I'm looking forward to the cleansing / detox (already well underway) as I declutter in order to move, and hope to retain a less cluttered, less filled with stuff lifestyle going forward. It's a goal anyway.....

7. Friends. I have this whole circle of friends who have never been to my house, never seen my space, because Zippy has been pretty negative on the whole yoga thing. So I am looking forward to having friends come by, having a home I can welcome others to. Tangential to this, occasionally we get wandering yogis at the studio (for trainings or workshops) who are on a tight budget (one dude was sleeping in his truck!), and I'm hoping to have my second room (with an air mattress perhaps) be a space I can open up to these folks who might not have the money for a hotel.

8. Productivity. As a self-employed person with way too many hobbies, interests and side projects - I need to fit the work in when I can. And I remember (from my previous days of working out the home) that I was able to grab long hours of work in unconventional times (early mornings, late evenings, weekends) as the spirit and my schedule permitted. Working outside the home these past few years, I've fallen into a more conventional 8 to 5 workday, with the caveat that I'm often not available for work (yoga, ballooning, etc.) from 8 to 5. So I'm simply not putting the hours in. It's hard to get over to the office at odd times - but I think if "the office" is down a flight of stairs, I'll be more likely to pop in for a few hours of work.

9. Bed. A few years back I was gifted with a beautiful hand-made four poster bed (well, it was payment for a website project). When Zippy and I stopped sharing a bed, I moved onto a futon (which has a certain monastic charm). But it will be nice to have my big comfy bed back.

10. Relationship. Zippy and I have been out of relationship for a few years now. But still, living together makes anew relationship awkward, and there is a certain companionship or at least domestic connection that remains. Yet I do desire a relationship and a connection to another. I'm hoping getting out on my own creates the space for that to happen.

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