October 29, 2009

My Moving Blueprint

Mostly for my facebook peeps.....but you blog readers can know too.

I'm planning the "big move" on Saturday Nov 7th. There is some slop there - if it's a nice (i.e. - flyable) day, I am sure there will be ballooning in the morning, so we'll get started later. I'm also on standby to teach an Intro to Yoga class at 1-2, if Shankara can not do it. But Nov 7th is the day, regardless.

We have access to Zippy's two trucks - and possibly 1 or 2 vans from friends. I'll rent a U-Haul if need be, but I'm pretty sure we can do without.

The key is, I expect that the move will be pretty simple. A mattress and boxspring. Two dressers. An armoire. An entertainment console. A rocking chair. I'm working at getting a lot moved over ahead of time. So it will be a pretty easy day and some pizza and beverages and hanging out in between it all.

As those who have watched me make other life transitions - I kind of put one foot in front of the other, not a lot of drama, everything gets done. So I expect that Nov 7th will be somewhat anti-climactic. But helpers are welcome to come along!

I do plan to be over at the new place this weekend - cleaning, moving, unpacking, etc. Helpers or onlookers or cheerleaders welcome. Not doing any major painting or changes - but I need to clean the cabinets, fridge, bathrooms, windows, floors, etc. I have some moderate sized things to move that could use a second body - not too heavy, just awkward. And since I now have a yoga room - maybe some guerilla yoga....


kerri said...

I'm tempted to come and observe what a nondramatic move looks like. Never seen one. Seems like something I should be taking notes on.

Jude said...

The secret (if there is one) is having time. This is a particularly detoxing kind of move - I've lived in a house for over 20 years - alone for 12, then sharing this place for 8. So I have / had a lot of collected stuff that I needed to purge.

And I've been slowly prepping and packing for a few months. So (for example) books and media (CDs and such) have been packed and piled for months. The bathroom supplies as well.

And then it comes down to having the luxury of a few weeks of overlap in the two places - so even though I am not moving for a week or so, I'm taking over a carload of stuff or two every day. Yeah, it means I am personally doing a lot of the lifting and moving (as a recovering catholic it's sort of sacramental to take the whole thing on my shoulders) but it's all incremental. And I can take my time, thinking about the next logical carload, cleaning in between, putting stuff away, and recycling boxes for the next trip.

I've been part of some rather horrible moves - one in particular moving a friend from a 3rd floor apartment in Meriden to a 2nd floor in New Britain. She had a pile of friends and vehicles, it was pouring out, and she was completely unprepared. I have this visual of her being locked up and us just dumping drawers of clothes into plastic garbage bags and dumping kitchen drawers into boxes. And then this parade of cars and pickups inching up Rte. 5 in the rain after sunset with tarps flapping and everything and everyone getting soaked.