October 31, 2009

Big Day in New Britain

Spent a lot of time over at the new place today - really starting to come together.

A solo run over this morning with coffee table, end table, nightstand, mirror, vacuum, and some odd boxes. I spent the morning cleaning - detailed the fridge (it looked clean, now it really is) and scoured the cabinets. Even vacuumed the top. Cleaned the new (used) microwave, cleaned the table and chairs, washed and put away new dishes, flatware and old coffee cups.

After noon my friends Robert and Kristen came over - and after a tour, we headed out to lunch - the Paradise Restaurant is right down the street and is apparently pretty well known (well, Robert mentioned it as noteworthy, and I took them there not remembering the name but remembering that the place always looked busy). The pizza was great, they have three kinds of crusts and New York style is the pizza of my youth. Seems like a pretty great place for a quick breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Just like that, I am settling into a new 'hood.

Then we headed back to Hartford to pick up a load - with their help, the folk festival supplies and my spring / summer clothes were loaded up pretty quick, along with a ladder, XC skis, and snow shoes. We got back to the condo to find my friend Pat waiting with his son, a friend, and a UHaul. Patrick (son) wanted the pool table. Which was a b*tch to get out of the basement and up the hill to the truck, but brains won out. Lifting and carrying was not going to work, but I suggested we use the carpet scraps from the basement to create a path to slide the thing out the door and up the hill - which worked great. Then we tipped it up on end and into the truck where it slid in. I dunno how they got it out on the - other end - hope it went OK. But Patrick was beaming at the prospect of owning such a nice table - and I am glad it went to a friend.

Kristen, Robert, and I finished our unloading and then retired to the back deck for a beer and a chat. It was balmy for the last night in October and as we relaxed I felt the warm vibe of my new home, just felt like a wonderful christening of the place.

After they left, I hung out for trick or treaters (just had a few) and put away the seasonal clothes upstairs in the studio closet. Definitely have 1 or 2 tubs too many but I can work on reducing that, but everything is in the closet and the sanctity of the yoga space is intact.

Tomorrow, more time over there. The morning might bring balloon chasing (although the weather is iffy) - alternately I might hit the mat. Then back to work at the Condo - need to clean the bathrooms tomorrow, scour the basement floor (removing the pool table revealed a somewhat greasy / slippy floor, perhaps related to the pool chalk). Also clean out the understairs storage area (full of condo yard stuff) and put my camping gear away. Take some shelves over (fetched from the office). Perhaps take some kitchen things over.

It's a big project - but it's getting done. I'm excited to start living there....

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