October 26, 2009

Adrift in Wichita

I'm parked at a La Quinta outside Mid Continental Airport here in Wichita. Called my client contact #1 this morning around 8, to be informed "I'm in Tulsa, driving up this morning, will be there in 4-5 hours, will call when I get into town". Called contact #2 (the facility manager) to look for the rental test equipment. Which had not arrived yet. I asked him to call me when it got there.

It's now 12:30 local time, and I have not heard from either individual. So I have looked up a nice local yoga studio - Inner Works Holistic Health Studio - and took a nice hot class (thanks, Renee, for the private!). I've gotten another client report out (all caught up is a nice feeling, and 40+ hours of billable work for October is another nice feeling). And I'm mucked around online.

I'm about to give up, pack my things, and head over to the facility. Maybe grab a bite en route. Just cause I am bored out of my head.

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