September 28, 2009


"The Governor and I don't we win (isn't that amazing)" - Lisa Moody, in an email that details how Gov. Jodi Rell decided to ignore legal advice from her own council and that of OPM, and attempt to use her line item veto on a budget she refused to sign. Courant article here

The fact that this particular quote comes from an email originally withheld from an FOI request by the Courant, that it changes the dynamics from either an issue of comptenence (not understanding the law) or perhaps a more innocent misinterpretaton of the legal aspects of this to a willful "we can do anything we want, try to stop us" attitude.

I'm generally not a particularly vindictive voter, and while I generally vote left, I've been known to go center or even right on occasion for the right candidate. But stuff like this makes me actively root for the downfall of this particular regime.

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