September 22, 2009

Head to Toe Black

I'm out in Buffalo on a corporate gig - pushing the space bar for a raft of PowerPoint presentations. It's kind of a long trip (for this sort of thing) - traveled out Monday afternoon, we set up and rehearse today (Tuesday), the meeting is Wedneday, and travel back Thursday (unless I can sneak out Wed night). These things can be either extremely stressful or extremely boring (sometimes both) - I suspect I'll have some work to do this morning as my client called last night; the end client has "6 or 7 presentations and they are having problems merging them together".

Powerpoint tends to copy formats, backgrounds, and styles together - so the presentation needs to be carefully designed to avoid that (typical users have no clue what that means) so I'll either be doing some last minute recreating today or else working out the technical aspects of swapping presentations seamlessly on the fly. Either way, it's why they pay to have someone like me here.

Been a long time since I've done this sort of gig - my last was a flyout to San Diego in March '08 and that was a similarly minimal gig (me and a producer, the rest of the crew locals or gear house). Between teaching yoga, engineering, the economic slowdown (a lot of these clients are in the embattled financial sector), and corporate move to web based meetings - well, not so much demand for this kind of work. I can not remember the last "big meeting" of the sort I used to do 4x or more a year - a big powerpoint presentation to put together (with custom template, backgrounds, graphics and multiple presentations) and a trip to a far city with a full crew - sound, lights, cameras.

Things change. But I'm here; once more into the fray. Hope I still remember how PowerPoint works (or they do not have some crazy 2009 version of it I need to learn on the fly).

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