August 14, 2009


A long practice with an infrequent teacher last night, subbing for Barb. I typically like her practices (energy, style) and last night was no exception - strong, not too hot (lots of sweat, but the windows were open and heat was off)

However, she did a lot of crescent lunges (back heel lifted, not Warrior foort positions) and then when we went into a longish pigeon series she had us curl toes under. A few other times as well, come to think of it. Not particularly stressful, just with all that toes curling under it was a lot more calf stretching than I am used to, exacerbated by a lower leg assault yesterday as I blocked my pal Aaron from rolling into the wall (in hindsite, should have let him take the hit, my inner yoga teacher kicked in and I positioned myself between him and the wall in question, and he plowed into me when he rolled).

Way too much stretching for my tight calves - my left calf specifically feels a bit shredded this morning. I even backed off a bit as we dove into the final stretches on that side - but too little / too late.

Count me among the walking I head into teaching two classes today.

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