August 16, 2009

One Problem with the Hartford Courant

Go read Colin McEnroe's weekly column All The Wine That's Fit To Make Money Off. It's smart and funny and more than a little wise.

Then look at the little footer at the bottom of his piece:
On the Web
For daily commentary, read Colin McEnroe's blog at

I've reproduced the hyperlinks from the Courant site. "Colin McEnroe" goes to a consolidation / search, of all references to Colin. Mostly a list of his columns, with an occasional article thrown in.

One might think that the phrase Colin McEnroe's blog might be a good place to hyperlink to, I dunno, Colin McEnroe's blog. Adding insult to injury, instead of simply hyperlinking over, they add (no doubt, for the benefit of those reading in print,, which is also, amusingly, not hyperlinked.

1 comment:

Abby said...

Tribune/The Courant will now make McEnroe sell personalized wine or coffee-based descriptions for Facebook profiles, wedding announcements, and all of your other short biography needs.