July 19, 2009

Bull's Eye Rash

So after my hike yesterday - I hit the shower this morning pre-yoga. And drying off, I notice a little light circle on my knee. A-ha, I'm thinking. Bull's Eye Rash. Lyme Disease. Not completely surprising - I'm hiking in Colchester, I'm the only person I know in the balloon world not to get it. I'm due.

So I google lyme bull's eye rash to get some pictures, and well this looks nothing like them. Hm.....

Then I notice that it's right under (and the same size) as the little round footpad on the bottom of my laptop. Ooops....

Still gonna keep an eye on it - if it's a laptop indention it will fade quickly (and differently) than a tick bite / lyme infection. No sense being too careful with Lyme.

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