July 17, 2009

Lazy Blogger - Summer Edition

I'm in a bit of malaise or something, just too much going on in my life and not a lot of time / energy to blog.

* Teaching a lot of yoga, between my 4 classes a week and subbing. Also, my girl NP is out of town so my Tues / Thurs guerilla yoga has been on hiatus, so my schedule is off.

* I'm backed up a bit at work - been stuck on a particularly irksome report for a few days, have a few in the queue, and a couple of longer term projects in need of attention.

* Falcon Ridge Folk Fest is coming - I head up for the day on Tuesday (to stake out some turf, get the lay of the land in terms of merchndise, and bring up supplies). Heading back Tuesday evening, teach my Wed morning class, then back up on Wed for good.....through Sunday or maybe Monday. I have a bunch of things to do between now and then (pick up supplies, print out and assemble merchandise tracking books, etc.)

* I'm house hunting, been looking at small capes in the New Britain area. (to all my rich WH friends who keep suggesting it, no I can not afford to live in your neighborhood, sorry). Nothing fabulous yet but I've got time.

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