July 22, 2009

Falcon Ridge Folk Fest

So I'm off today for my annual vacations, retreat, homecoming, Brigadoon - the Falcon Ridge Folk Fest in Hillsdale, NY.

The fest is turning 21 this year, I go back to 1992 with the fest (maybe 1991, I forget) and I've only missed one in the ensuing years. That first year, I pulled my car into the volunteer camping area next to a woman from Long Island named Ellen - we've camped together every year since, and work the same crew. Along the way we've added members to our little enclave (which has a decidely feminist flavor of recent years) and lost some - and we have our hangers on. People come and people go, but it's always Falcon Ridge.....so many familiar ane beloved faces.

I'm borrowing Zippy's truck, the better to schlep up a tent, dining tarp, cooler, guitar, clothes, citronella candles, snacks, yoga mats and toys, computer, printers, etc. I'm there for 4 or 5 nights - it's a long campout. I'm planning to teach yoga there every morning (did so last year, big success) and I'm a crew chief in charge of performer merchandise (tracking 70+ artists, 100's of titles and 1000's of CD's) so it's not exactly an R&R week for me - yet nourishing and revitalizing.

Just learned from Facebook that my friend Mary is bringing a camper this year. We're all turning the corner around 50 these days and we've been joking that one of these days one of us will give up tenting. Guess it was her. I'm jealous - I've been secretly shopping campers on Craigs List all year! I'll bungee cord my tent to her camper in case of a maelstrom.

So I will be off the grid. I'l take lot's of photos, maybe tweet a few times or post FB status updates. See you next week.....

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