July 01, 2009

Shiva Rae - The Mandala of Asanas

I'm headed up to Kripalu in a few weeks for a workshop with Shiva Rae - The Mandala of Asanas: Essential Tools for Teaching Flow

Looking forward to it on multiple fronts. I have never been to Kripalu for a workshop (just enlightement intensives and concerts). I've never worked with Shiva Rae, although two of favorite teachers have worked with her and I love what I perceive to be Shiva Rae textures in their teaching. And I frankly need a little time away from teaching - to eat good food, get away from the computer and the office, get some decent rest (she writes at 1:46 am), get some time for meditation, contemplation, and self.

Let you know how it is. Any local yogis who might be going, let me know. Maybe we can carpool.....

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