January 22, 2010

Blog Comments

Not sure if this is just a byproduct of being out there in the blogosphere for so long, or something new in the land of marketing spammishness, but I've been getting a lot of spurious blog comments.

These range from targeted (I think the principals of the Asian Five Star Farmer's Market stop by to plant comments) to obvious (random works with an embedded link to some advertising site). And then there are the curiously inexplicable - no links or apparent reasons for the comment, sometimes amusingly positive (albeit completely nonsensical) and sometimes just cryptic.

No idea what this is all about, but suffice it to say I reject 'em all. Sorry automated commenting programs, marketers, etc.


sandy shoes said...

I blogged for years with no spam (and no readers, probably!), then suddenly in the last few months I've been inundated with it. Looks like mostly Russian and Chinese spammers, by the alphabets. Anyway I broke down and started using the word verification gizmo, and it's stopped completely.

Diana_CT said...

I have been getting them also.
I tried having moderated comments but then no one was commenting, so I compromised. I only have moderated comments on blogs entires over 14 days, since of the spam were on older blog entries.