January 12, 2010

Weight Watchers - Week #1

It was a pretty successful week, all things considered. 6.2 pounds. If this were "Biggest Loser" I'd have had immunity in the WW meeting room.....although I'm larger than the average bear so as a percent of total body weight it's less remarkable.

A few anecdotes or learnings from the week:

* In Week #1, one does not get to factor in exercise, and with my yoga schedule I rack up 15-20 exercise points easily. I don't really need 'em so I'm going to just bank them going forward, but clearly all the exercise I get helps.

* I have a lot of whole / healthy food knowledge from my history. So a lot of what Weight Watchers calls "filling foods" (whole grains, fruits and vegetables) are not new to me; these are things I already have in my larder and my meal repetoire. the biggest thing I am doing is trying to eat more fruit - between salads and steamed veggies I get plenty.

* I did not have a particularly stellar week in terms of food choices. I went off track a bunch of time. One meal at McD's. One meal at Subway (the sandwich was not bad, the cookies however, were). One bowl of Lena's squash soup (exceptionally rich, practically a bisque). One slice of Lena's pizza. BUT I did write it all down, either got the nutritional info from the websites or guestimated, it was all "in the program"

* Subway Macadamia Nut cookies = 5 points. 5 freaking points! No wonder I have had a tough time losing weight (Two of those have been a staple for a while now, making up 33% of my daily points total)

* I eat an occasional can of Progresso Soup (relatively healthy) but in the past I tended to just eat the whole can (2 servings). Simply splitting a can into two portions and putting 1/2 in the fridge is a huge bit of wisdom. 1 serving is perfectly satisfying....

* Want to treat yourself to fast food? Quarter Pounder with Cheese = 12 points. Medium Fried = 8 points. Hamburger = 5 points. Big Mac = 13 points. Mac Snack Wrap = 8 points. 6 piece McNuggets = 7 pts. Filet o'Fish = 9 points. Angus Mushroom and Swiss = 18 points. Incredible. One could easily exhaust one's entire days' worth of points in a few minutes.....

* Sushi is a bargain, point wise. I have no problem with this.....

* The one thing I plan to do is research my usual Fast Food haunts and figure out some better choices so if I do end up hungry and on the go, and find my car wheels making their way into these places, I'll have a better game plan.

But mostly, I think just the fact that I am paying attention to what I eat, that I have the specter of the scale waiting for me each Monday, and that I am actively avoiding fast / quick food is going to make all the diff, at least in the short term.

I've often said that the secret for me losing weight is to simply disable my driver's side window. Hope that continues to be the case!

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Julie Beman said...

Are you doing online or meetings? I just started online - really want to lose the weight I've gained since quitting smoking.

If you're interested in being a "support group" let me know. :-)