January 24, 2010

The Boozehounds Win

Unruly passenger forces united jet to divert to DIA
The man had consumed alcohol before and during the flight, said Kathy Wright, an FBI spokeswoman. After questioning at DIA, the suspect was sent for a medical evaluation.

Will a plane door even open at altitude? One might hope for interlocks or something. But if this guy could get the door open, one imagines that such a catastrophic decompression at altitude might bring a plane down as easily as the xmas bomber's underwear.

So, I propose that the TSA / FAA:

a) Hereby ban alcohol on flights
b) Run a breathalyzer on all passengers and deny boarding to those who blow over 0.08 or someting.

Cause I suspect we'd be a lot safer in the air without drunks than we would be adding additional screening....just a hunch.

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