February 03, 2010

Madame Secretary

Triggered by Colin McEnroe's Easy to grasp = True, regarding Susan Byseiwicz's problems with her prospective bid for the Attorney General position.

The whole shuffling of candidates and elected positions in Hartford leaves me with a bad taste. Regardless of whether she is qualified or not (in fact, by the legal definition, or as perceived by the electorate) - her candidacy for AG seems less like a well thought out career arc and more of a "I'm entitled to one of these jobs, the question is, which one"

Do we have a ruling class in the state? If there is one lesson to be taken from MA it's that a position or elected office for granted is no longer a sinecure.

I've always liked Ms. Byseiwicz in her role as SoS; she seems to be on top of things like reaching out to the disenfranchised, being a visible and accessible public figure in terms of elections and voting mechanics. But I've seen nothing that makes me think she has the drive or chops to be AG (other than, perhaps, having done what she can as SoS).

Maybe she has either or both of these. I hope she can communicate that to us. But right now, I'm getting a whiff of entitlement and ruling class (evidenced by Martha Coakley, whose main qualification for Senate seems to have been "I put in my time, you owe me") - and with the mood of the electorate, that does not seem like a good thing.

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