February 26, 2010

One More Thing

Self confession - I have too many hobbies and careers. I do engineering work. I code websites. I write. I play guitar in a kirtan band. I play bass in a folk-rock band. I practice yoga religiously (some might say fanatically). I teach yoga. I chase hot air balloons. Kind of a full life, no?

So of course I trucked down to Middletown this evening for the first training program that might lead me to become a radio DJ at WESU 88.1 (Wesleyan University). Sometime last year I saw a solicitation for folk DJs on one of the local folk music lists, and it just seemed right. So here I go.....

Was kind of cool being there - rooms and hallways crammed with shelves full of LPs and CDs. Funky and cool and a little rough around the edges in the way that college radio just is. I feel like I'm getting the chance to do something I might have done back in college had I been really engaged and connected to myself, had I not been full of fear and running for my life.

Tonight was pretty tame - introductions, meet the trainers, go over the history of the station, the structure of the training, some of the rules and regs. Who knows if this will stick. Of course, the last time I embarked upon a "let's see where this road takes me" kind of training I ended up a yoga teacher.

It's never too late to have a happy childhood. Or in my case, a happy adolescence.....

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Nykki said...

i think its so cool!