February 28, 2010

Oscar Nominated Live Shorts - Real Art Ways

Popped over to Real Art Ways this afternoon to catch the 2010 Oscar Nominated Short Films. All in all, a pretty dark set of films. My quick review.

Kavi was an Indian short, about a young boy who lives in effective slavery in a brick making kiln. Kind of like a sober Slum Dog Millionaire. A beautiful film even as it was dark and only partly resolved.

The New Tenants was a dark comedy, noteworthy by David Rakoff (of This American Life fame) as a neurotic, dark part of a gay couple. Also Vincent D'Onofrio. I giggled through the mayhem and violence.

The Door was about a young family displaced (and later, destroyed) by the Chernobyl nuclear accident. Quite moving and sad, especially in these days where we are considering re-opening the door to domestic nuclear power.

Miracle Fish was perhaps the most cerebral or thought provoking film - a young boy from a poor family struggles with his schoolmates, until they all disappear. Exceptionally surprising and poignant.

Finally, Instead of Abracadabra introduces a nerdy young magician who struggles with family, his craft, and his love life. Funny and feelgood, even if there was a high squirm factor. Also, Swedish is an amusing language to listen to, just the flow and tempo of it.

I'm also looking to go to the Animated Shorts at Real Art Ways before next weekend, as Kerri from Real Hartford has documented. A new Wallace and Grommet short is worthwhile, regardless of the others!

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