March 02, 2010


Zippy called this evening, off the hook. He took our two dogs, Elo and Callie, to the vet. (A huge tactical mistake on his part, and completely not needed, he could have left Elo home) but had a horrible experience trying to control them both. His message "I'm giving Elo away...."

Uhm, no, you are not. I called him up and talked him off the proverbial ledge - and the upshot is, I'm going to bring Elo to live with me over at the condo, starting Sunday.

Not 100% sure this will work out - the condo is not a huge place, and there is no fenced in backyard to let the dog out and run. I can possibly put a leash out back, but mostly, I'll be walking him. And I'm a little concerned about barking and the neighbors and stuff; he's not really much of a barker. We'll see....

But it will be nice to have the little f*cker around, give me an excuse to get out and get more exercise. We'll see if I can get him in a little better place, training wise, with me being around more (working out of the house) and him being the only dog.

So, once more, I'm gonna be a dog owner.

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