March 06, 2010

Elo in the House

Elo the dog has come home. When I moved into my new place, Zippy and I mutually decided to keep our shared dogs together. Made sense - the dogs were bonded, Zippy's place has a fenced in yard, and my new place (condo, no yard to run, etc.) was not particularly dog friendly.

But this past week, Zippy called up to vent - Elo is a handful under the best of circumstances, and I suspect I was the pack Alpha back in the day. So Zippy has not had a lot of luck working with him, Elo's strength and pulling do not work well with Zippy's physical limitations (some arm and wrist stuff). The straw that broke the camel's back was a trip to the vet - both dogs were too much for Zippy to handle.

So....tonight on the way back from the airport, I picked up a new roomie.

The ride to the house, he was pretty stressed (whining, panting) and he spent a while running around the condo similarly nervous. But he seems to have settled in...finally. I'm sure it will take some time. I took hom out for a couple of walks already - just to get him used to going out on the leash (as opposed to letting him out back to run) and I am sure I will need as much training as he does as we work out the new rhythms and restrictions.

I stopped by Ocean State and picked up a couple of low cost dog beds (one for the basement, one for the living room) as well as some treats and chews....I figure in a new place and without his buddy Callie, he'll be a bit bored and mischievous without some additional distrations.

Little concerned that he will bother the next door neighbor. We'll see how things play out. With any luck, her daughter will become Elo's buddy....

But it's nice to have my little buddy back in my life, and I think I'll feel a little safer with him here (both when I am here and when I leave the place alone).

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Nykki said...

Im so happy your buddy is there!!!!
SO CVS (random) has awesome dog beds for 9.00 that you can throw in the washer and they dont get ruined! I hate the beds that you have to unzip the cover cuz the pee goes right through onto that crappy mesh pillow!CVS baby!!!! We miss you over here. SO SO MUCH! Wanna visit tonight? Sushi? Chinese? No games (I need a break!) I just want Jude time! Love you