March 15, 2010

Amazing Yoga

I try to find yoga when I travel; sometimes I strike out - the practice is just not that resonant. Sometimes I get lucky, and the practice rocks. This trip I got lucky.

The studio is Inner Fire Yoga in Madison. A rocking, vital studio - I jumped into a 6:30 Power Flow with Jackie Meacham. Just an hour, but boy did we move.

In some ways, it was a "greatest hits" class - we just rolled through a lot of strong postures that my body loves. Vira I and II. Trikonasana. Forward folds. Reverse triangle. A couple of rounds of King Dancer. Dekasana. Crow. Eagle. Camel. Bow. Flip your dog. Pigeon. Bridge / Wheel. Headstand. What else you got?

Totally hot and sweaty - if I feared not getting my yoga on in 60 minutes, no fears there. I missed having a slip-proof mat (traveling with an inexpensive Wai Lana) but I survived. Jackie did a nice job of getting us moving quickly but at the same time easing us in - so my lower back was fine, sometimes these stronger vinyasa classes where we dive right in leaves me a little cranky in the back.

Felt a little cheated at the end (short savasana, and not a lot of time to take advantage of the heat with some seated or supine twists, binds, or forward folds, I could have soaked in it for another 30 minutes) but not unexpected with a 60 minute class.

Looks like I will be back to Madison over the next few months - so great to have a yoga studio that resonates, just 3 miles from the client site!

Inner Fire Yoga looks like an amazingly active studio - with two large rooms, and from what I can see, full classes and regular students. Their hot yoga seems suspiciously Bikramesque (26 postures and 2 breathing exercises performed in precise order) but the Power Flow class is right up my alley, with the options of an Inner Fire class and Yin class.

And they have a special $9 rate for yoga teachers. Sweet.

I will most definitely be back!

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