March 26, 2010

Font Critique Bureau

Really, NBC Connecticut, this is the best you could do? Ick.

Sidebar, what happened to WVIT 30? Your call letters and UHF channel are nowhere to be found on your website. Curious. Both WFSB Channel 3 and WTNH Channel 8 remain rooted to their broadcast roots.

Kind of makes sense in an era when most folks get their television off a cable, where NBC is sitting right there on Channel 4. But still, kind of curious. I'll have to check out the news to see if you've unbranded your broadcasts the same way you've unbranded your website....

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Abby said...

It's not just CT:

Looks like NBC owns some of their local stations, and has rebranded all of them in this way. The TV station has its own page, with the same redesign:
Call letters are still hard to find, and I don't see the UHF channel.