March 26, 2010

Professional Organizer - Second Hand

Talked to my buddy Cheryl yesterday - she had a professional organizer come to her place (very successfully) and was sharing some of the changes this woman had suggested. Specifically, she removed the cover from her second sink and put her dish drainer down inside; her drying dishes had been piling up, falling off the sink, etc.

Now, I too have a double sink. I've been kind of luxuriating in having both sinks open - using the second sink to wash veggies, to stack dirty dishes, to rinse when I wash. Having the second sink has probably given me permission to let the dishes go a bit longer than I ought....

But I've also had my dish drainer (and one of those plastic things to catch the water) on my counter to the right of my sink, eating up 4 sq feet of counter space, which is at a premium in this place. My one free length of counter space has been crowded - coffee maker, coffee canister, knife block, toaster, canister full of spoons and utensils, cutting board.

So as I spoke to Cheryl on the phone, I moved my drainer into the second sink (perfect fit, a good omen). Voila - an entire new expanse of counter. Not sure how this will work out long term - but right now, it seems like the right decision. So I loved my coffee maker and coffee canister over to the new space, and everything seems a little less cluttered and a little more useful.

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