March 09, 2010

Spring Fever & New Toy

Took a hike with friends yesterday - the Salmon River lollipop trail. 6.2 miles starting at the Comstock Covered Bridge and ending up at Day Pond State Park, then loop back.

Went with friends and their 9 month old baby, plus two dogs (one of theirs, one my buddy Shambu, borrowed for the day). I would feel all punk about my early spring outdoorsiness except one of my companions carried her 9 month old in a belly sling the whole trip. And nursed him while hiking. Puts it all in perspective.

I tried out my new toy - an iPhone App that tracks hikes (and runs and walks and bikes) via the GPS and dumps the data out to a website. The map is from the site,

Nice to be outdoors this early in the season. Not a lot of spring out there yet (cept for some cultivated daffodils beginning to show here and there) but the trail was relatively dry, just one little ice patch, and the day was sunny and beautiful!

Welcome spring!

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