March 17, 2010

Madison So Long

I've found myself a comfy chair with a side table and two wall outlets - charging my laptop and iPhone en route home from Madison.

All in all a very successful trip. My client out here has been fairly dormant (in terms of work) since 2008 or so - and it looks like we have a bit of work laid out in the coming months. A nice little project - hopefully not too overwhelming. I got to meet lots of new faces and a primary technical contact. All went well, we transferred a lot of knowledge, got the project laid out, and set up a lot of the infrastructure to make things work going forward.

I also snuck in (a) a killer hot yoga class and (b) a side trip to Appleton to nosh with some old friends. And, browsing through the airport gift shop, I got some U of W apparel - Zippy is an alum so I got him a sweatshirt in payment for babysitting Elo, and I got myself a few shirts (I kind of have a crush on Bucky Badger)

I'll be back in Madison soon enough - May perhaps - so having a strong and resonant yoga studio nearby is a big plus.

Heading back today - afternoon / evening flights through Chicago that will not get me in until late. But I'm on my way home!

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