January 10, 2010

Somebody Loves Me

Due to a extenuating circumstances (get better soon, AJ Poole!) I've been sucked into the yoga teacher training this weekend. Incredible honor to witness this process, incredible opportunity to work with Barb, Peter, Shankara and Nykki - but ohmigawd is it exhausting. Friday 5 - 10, Saturday 1 - 10, and Sunday 12 - 8. Each day starts out with a strong practice - and although assisting is not as physically challenging as being on the mat it's still physically and emotionally tiring.

And of course, this is the weekend I'm subbing in for a gentle class at 9 am. So not a lot of time for my own practice, not a lot of time for healthy eating. Last night as I drifted off to sleep I was thinking about food - what I was going to get into my system in between my gentle class ending and the training starting. Thinking about all the places I could get something healthy (and also some places to snarf down something quick). And I realized I had everything I needed in the fridge. So this morning as I got up I made a salad - spring mix lettuce, matchstick carrots and radishes, red cabbage, mushrooms, broccoli, garbanzos, celery. (some sprouts would have been nice but I'm out) As I was closing the lid on the to-go container (which I admit to hoarding a little, they are so useful and I have a hard time tossing stuff like this, even into the recycling bin) it looked so beautiful and lovingly prepared and I thought impulsively "somebody loved me enough to make this beautiful salad"

And then it hit me. Of course somebody loves me. It's me!

It was a good feeling to have all this healthy food at my finger tips, to be the kind of person who can whip up a salad from itens on hand. Not sure I would have been that person a year ago.

Finishing up some yummy 5 grain oatmeal (with raisins, walnuts, and agave) and then shower. Hope to hit the mat a little (here or at the studio) before I have to teach. And then let my yoga day begin!

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