February 21, 2009

Hartford Party Starters Union

Was handed a flyer with this wounded Hartford icon Thursday at Real Art Ways CCH. The gentlemen in question were also hawking I Love Hartford tee shirts. And flirting incorrigibly (not with me mind you, but I have hottie friends)

The text on the back is amusing, and ends with "We're On The Internet!". Generally this is a good cue for listing a url or something, but not these dudes. They prefer to be mysterious!

Not 100% sure what this is about. But hey, it's something. So might as well blog it! The dudes in questions were not so interested in my story of hearing Chuck Kaiton while visiting clients in Cary, NC - just weird to hear the "voice of the Whalers" after so many years. I was kind of surprised to hear the Hurricane's score a goal and NOT hear Brass Bonanza

Did I ever tell you about the time we got kicked out of the Hartford Civic Center? Right after I moved to CT (circa 1984), a bunch of college friends (from Massachusetts, and die hard Bruin's fans) came down for a Bruins-Whalers games. Even though my friends are mostly professionals these days, there was a bit of a culture class between the somewhat delicate (to our sensibilities) Whalers fans and my posse of rough and tumble Boston fans (used to fisticuffs at the old Boston Garden, among other things). So Tim Gillis was wadding up $5 beer cups and tossing them at some loud and a little fey Whalers fan from the top of the civic center. And he got kicked out (so we all left). As the Civic Center guard came up to evict him, Tim looked dumb-founded, accustomed to Boston Garden "rules of engagement" - where drawing blood would be the minimum level of offense. "You're kicking me out? You're sh*tting me!"

Back to the Hartford Party Starters Union - I did find them on Facebook (where else). I suspect I'm about 20 years too old to really engage with the partiers, but I can live vicariously.

Party on, Wayne. Party on, Garth.

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