February 23, 2009

Oscar Night - Hartford

A gala evening was had by all! A benefit for CT Aids Resource Coalition (CARC) - a most worthy cause.

First, I have a posse! I have several, really. I have my yoga posse, teacher, fellow trainees, staff and students down at the yoga center. I have my bloggie posse (you know who you are!). And I have a "beautiful people of Hartford" posse (who knew?). I was surprised to find myself cliqued in to a small group of peeps at Oscar Night hartford - who kind of clustered on a few different axes - art, writing, yoga, celbrity stalking. It was fun! So Kim and Sara and John and Anne and Audrey and Rosalie and Colin and Alison and Steve and Christine.....thanks!

So props to Colin (for starting this particular event) and Gwen (who chaired the event and by all appearances kicked ass and took names), Dishes Bar & Grill, all those who donated goods and services, all the volunteers. It was a tad more affordable this year ($45 / head) and quite the social event, not sure it sold out but the restaurant could not have held too many more people.

Some highlights:

* The silent auction seemed to be a hit - I made a few not unsubstantial bids on some things and was outbid significantly. Looks like the art, gift certificates, jewelry, etc. all went pretty high. A really nice assortment of items up for bid - looks like someone really hustled to get donations.

* The food was yummy, plentiful, and nominee inspired. Including shrimp and jambalaya (Benjamin Button) and Indian (Slumdog)

* Anne Cubberly secreted a postcard in my bag, for the opening of her Bone Stories exhibit at La Motta Fine Art in New Haven - March 6th. Lovely art. Anne is most charming and fun!

* Bob Wilson from WTNH-8 was there to do a stand-up; I popped over to say hello, recalling the time he did a Roadside Stories segment with Robert and hot air balloons (I crewed that day, back in Sept 2007). Amusingly, after just stopping by to say hello, Bob chased me down to pass along a message to Robert....kind of fun to be chased across a crowded room a celebrity!

So, a lovely evening. I faded around 10:30 or so, and made it back home in time to watch best actress, best actor, and best film awards snuggled in bed with my best dog. Slumdog swept (no surprise to me).

I am officially withdrawing from the social scene for a while - I need to catch up on work, yoga, health, life. But it's been fun!

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