October 20, 2008

A Friend in Need

Phone calls after a certain hour never bring good things. Last night's 12:15 call was no exception, but in the grand scheme of things, not so bad.

Our friend Pat had broken down (overheating) on the road - he was stranded on I-84 in Bristol / Southington. After waiting close to an hour for roadside assistance (police or good samaritan) he left the car and hoofed it up to a Sunoco, where he borrowed a phone (no public phone service) and called. The gas station attendant did not speak much English, so it took a while to translate "Salistown" (or something like that) into Southington.

So I got up and dressed and trucked down to pick him up; Zippy donated the keys to his Horizon (when you drive shitboxes, you end up with extra cars) so Pat can get to work. Pat will have the car towed in the morning; hopefully it's something fairly minor like a thermostat. I was back in bed a shade after 1:00 am.

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