October 03, 2008

VP Debate Blahs

Count me among the tribe of Americans with zero interest in the sideshow / circus that is the VP debate.

I know who I am voting for at the top of the ticket, and it would be damn near impossible for any VP choice to impact that decision. And I dunno, Sarah Palin seems to have cheapened the discourse at the 2nd tier level. 1/2 the country seems to be ogling, and the other half seems to just want her to say something stupid so we can see it replayed on SNL or Youtube.

Talking points. Sound bites. No serious discussion of the issues. Blah. I tuned if for maybe 2 minutes on the radio in between the yoga studio and home, flipped through the channels once near the end of the debate to catch a glimpse of it and see how many channels were carrying it. But....bleah.

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