October 01, 2008

24 Hours with Tias

Not all in a row, mind you. I am embarking on a 24 hour teacher training with Tias Little, starting today. I went back into the archives, and realized that I worked with Tias back in July '07 - not just one workshop (as I had thought) but rather 3, three hour workshops: the lymphatic system, backbends, and something else. So I've already had a good dose of Tias! I've commented before that I learned a lot in those previous workshops - assists, postures, ways of thinking about the body, ways of communicating alignment and adjustment. And it has stuck with me. So I'm excited to be back in the studio with him.

Not exactly sure what to expect here. Yoga practice? Classroom lecture? Combination?
Nevertheless, I am excited for the opportunity to work with him, excited to be finishing up the last of my teacher training classroom hours (still have those darn book reports to finish) and excited to spend a few days immersed in yoga and in that sort of teacher trainng space (although some would say I am already immersed, thank you very much)

But in the meantime, I'm pretty much off the grid for the next few days - in the studio 10:30 to 1:30, and then 2:30 to 5:30 today and tomorrow, and 8 to noon and 1 to five on Friday. Finishing up with a master class on Saturday afternoon.

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