October 04, 2008

Tias Little Teacher Training

A detox of a different sort from the sweat it out and leave it on the mat detox workshop I did with Sean Corne, earlier this year.

Tias specializes in "deep studies" (per my friend Alison) and indeed he does - one hardly seems to be doing yoga, between the stops and starts to look at the manual and listen to lecture. Yet there was a ton of yoga happening, really deep twists and ends, all intended to explore and wring out the viscera, or the organs of the body. Wednesday was Kidney and Bladder. Thursday was Liver and Gallbladder. Friday was Liver and Stomach. In between, lots of meditation work, yoga poses, assists, props, etc.

Tias works in a chinese medicine / aruvedic hybrid mode, so lots of study of organs lines through the body. Lots of cross-reference to warm / cool, yin / yang, chakras, vayus.

I learned a lot. And I am freaking wiped out. Got up early this morning and sat in a hot epson salts bath to help the detox....I suspect I wrung a lot of crap out of my organs.

Not however, too wiped to go chase balloons this morning - with my bud Amy!

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