October 01, 2008

Yoga Marathon

Last night was one of those "be careful what you wish for, it might come true" kind of evenings. I taught two yoga classes - my regular class at the Hartford Public Library, and then a somewhat last minute gentle class sub for one of the most popular, charismatic, and skilled yoga instructors at the studio.

The library class went well. We flipped the room around 180 degrees, which kept the students facing the back wall of the space and from mentally wandering into the parking lot or to look at people coming to see what all the yoga fuss was about. In addition, I had a wireless headset, which took some mental, emotional, and teachnical work getting used to, but everyone said it worked out fine. I had 30 students, quite a drop from last week, but still a challenge in terms of working the sapce (people still spread out, the HVAC fan was still going)

Afterwards, I chugged back to West Hartford to teah a Gentle Class for Shankara. He is the sort of teacher (in terms of loyalty and fan base) that students adore, to the point of not wanting to practice with anyone else. So I am sure a few people called or showed up, and finding a sub in place, turned around and went home. I tried not to take it personally; most of these folks would have turned around if Iyengar were subbing. So it was a smaller class (than usual) - and I took them into restorative areas (Shankara' request / recommendation). I thought it went pretty well; good feedback on the way out. Apparently, I have a very relaxing voice.....

My new MP3 player is kind of cranky; it keeps burping or pausing. Not sure if its the way the music was ripped or something else. Need to troubleshoot that because it's pretty annoying in yoga class, I need to revert to burned CD's until I clear that up.

I have today off (teaching) - tomorrow I end up assisting right after Tias training, then teaching my Intro to Power class. Friday and Saturday off, then a sub gig on Sunday morning. Still, lots of yoga in my future.

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