October 29, 2008

Office Overhaul

I've been entrenched in the fine art of office cleaning and organization the past few days. My office has been overcrowded chaos for months - with storage racks filled with tools, parts, and all the detritus of 13 years of self employment that I have not been able to justify tossing, selling, or passing along.

A few weeks back I arranged to rent an unused, out of the way closet in my office building. So I've been spending some time in between work and yoga moving things into the storage closet. A real office is slowly emerging from the rubble.

Two tall plastic racks have made the office claustrophobic and dark; I pulled down two levels on each which opened up wall space and window space. I'm moving everything not mission critical to the storage space.

Eventually, the office will be presentable again - giving me room and energy to be more efficient and productive, maybe having some room for a part time employee and a second computer workstation.

Change is in the air....

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