May 20, 2009

CT Gay & Lesbian Film Festival: May 22 - 30

The CT Gay and Lesbian Film Festival starts it's 22nd year this Thursday. I really enjoy the film festival when I am able to go - with a wide diversity of feature films and shorts.

Visit the website for details, but I think I'll attending the following nights:

Sunday, May 24. The documentary Ferron: Girl on a Road is showing. I've been a big fan of Ferron's for years, and although some might consider me an identity traitor (in light of a little women's music festival in Michigan), so be it. I was fortunate enough to see her live back in March 2006, at Roaring Brook Nature Center. There is also a short film that evening entitled "Saint Jude", so you got that going for you....

Tuesday, May 26.
The featured film is Trinidad - I have some personal interest. Dr. Marci Bowers (one of three protaganists of the film) is a friend and client (I have been keeping her website since 2003) and as such I am a bit player (more of an onlooker, really) in this particular drama. Reportedly, none of the three transwomen featured (Dr. Marci Bowers, Dr. Laura Ellis, and Sabrina Marcus) come off all that well in the film. So it will be interested to see the story unfold from a different perspective.

Friday, May 29. The featured film is Drool (seems like a filmed adaptation of the Dixie Chick's Goodbye Earl, to me) but what really interests me is the documentary Training Rules, by Dee Mosbacher & Fawn Yacker

Rene Portland had three training rules during her 26 years coaching basketball at Penn State—no drinking, no drugs and no lesbians. This stunning film exposes how women’s collegiate sports, caught in a web of homophobic practices, destroys the lives and dreams of many of its most talented athletes.

Anyone wanting to come along to any of these, give a shout!

I'm not particularly interested in the opening night or closing night programs, but the reception / party after these films has always been top notch and a fun community gathering.

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