May 05, 2009


It's May 5th.

I have not got my May 1st invoicing done yet.
I have 15 hours of reports queued up for my biggest client, most a little overdue and several urgent.
Another client that has been dormant for months has popped back up, with 3 reports pending.
A Fed Ex box arrived this morning with material to review for some site planning / installations review and calculations.
Another load of files came down via FTP, for another client, to review and put together a proposal for a conference call on Monday
Big website updates continues, especially a method for my clients to be able to control web sales (without needing me) - which involves some new (to me) PHP programming
Another long overdue (and patiently waited for) spreadsheet update is about 1/2 way out the door, needing a solid day of work to finish it up.

Nice to be busy in These Economic Times. But sheesh.....I need a clone, a 36 hour day, an espresso machine, a personal assistant, or all of the above.

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