May 22, 2009

Observations About Art

Four things.

Thing First, apologies to Wil K. Wilkins for being annoying and buzzedly cranky about the recent spate of fluorescent lamp based art down at Real Art Ways. The past installation by Hirokazu Fukawa and the present pieces by Corey D'Augustine both feature the ubiquitous (down at Real Art Ways, anywho) fluorescent tube. I know it's just a coincidence and that the Real Arts Ways purchase by the General Electric Corporation (kidding!) has NOTHING to do with the art.

Thing Second, in a martini induced burst of creativity, I imagined an installation - a large flat screen monitor installed on a conveniently bare wallspace by the front door, with a map of the space, and little tracking blips (color coded, matched to one's outfit, I think Steve L added that touch) so we could see where people were during the party. It made sense last night. Upon further reflection (i.e. - alcohol having left my system) what I was imaging was, of course, J.K. Rowlings Marauder's Map

I still think it would be a fun idea / project, and apparently, it's technically feasible. And alas, patented.

Thing Third, I really liked Beth Krebs installation in the small space that usually is curtained off, dark, and showing some video installation. Per the artist statement:
My installations and videos bring makeshift magic to unexpected places. The projects use low-tech processes and basic building materials to make extraordinary interruptions in ordinary spaces....

It was bright and delightful and I wish there were more things to discover - I love to see this sort of installation in public spaces - airports, offices, etc. Real Art Ways is the sort of place where the art, on occasion, just tickles the fancy, and this particular installation does that, in spades. Definitely going back to snoop around some more, I bet I missed some things.

Thing Fourth, Where We Live is broadcasting live from Real Art Ways on Tuesday evening, 5/26. Not 100% sure I can be there but I am gonna try. I was so taken (dare I say smitten?) watching Ira Glass spin his radio magic (he runs dueling CDs - audio cuts with one hand, background music with the other) during the This American Life live simulcasts in 2008 and 2009, that I am becoming a watching radio being produced junkie. But we knew that.

And as I visit the This American Life website, I find that the most recent episode is entitled No Map. Neatly wrapping around to Thing Second, above, and closing out this particular blog posting.

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