May 26, 2009

Teach a Woman to Fish

Our washing machine has been fills, it never stops filling. It never moves to agitate, the tub overflows. If you jump the timer ahead, it spins and empties. But....annoying.

So yesterday, I made an appointment with AAA Appliance Repair, based in Newington. I really liked the appointment script / form on their website (you can send them all your info, symptoms, model, etc. saving lots of phone time) - I made an appointment yesterday, they called up this morning to set a time (2-4 pm) and then they called again to come earlier (around 11:30 am). I highly recommend them.

I took the time to work with the technician, wherein I learned the following secrets:

A) How to get the front panel off quickly (probably 80% of the battle)
B) Which little pressure hose might become clogged. Ours did no tlook clogged but there was a gooey, clear vaseline type substance in there
C) How to clean it out and test the pressure switch

So, if this happens again, I'm pretty sure I can cover it, and I feel like I could pull the thing apart and find other problems (these things are very simple). I feel like my $95.35 paid for a repair *and* a tech lesson.

Now to start digging through the pile of laundry I need to get through....

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