January 31, 2009

Abi Tapia in Watertown

Trekked over to Watertown (CT) last night for a barn (actually, more of a house) concert with folkie Abi Tapia. Hosted by a Falcon Ridge Folk Fest friend / crew chief, it was a lovely evening of food (pot luck), friends (my bud Mary drove down from upstate NY) and music (Abi was wonderful). I sat in the front row, near enough to trip Abi had I stretched out, and she played unamplified (and sounded great). Having mostly come to know her music from her CD (well produced with full instrumentation), it was interesting to hear her do her stuff solo - I kept mentally inserting drum tracks and bass lines....

I discovered Abi last year, as I was prepping for the Falcon Ridge merchandise sales - her website / blog spoke of doing some songs for an independent film called Trinidad. Since I have been to Trinidad myself a few times, and one of the subjects of the film is my friend and client Dr. Bowers, it was a neat "small world" moment.

I only got to hear a few songs at Falcon Ridge (and those from the shelter of the merchandise trailer) but between what I heard, and getting to meet her as she dropped off her CD's, I liked her, enough to pick up her newest disk "The Beauty and the Ruin" back in July (via CD Baby, the Falcon Ridge tornado precluded me from buying my music, even though I'm the merchandise sales crew chief!). Her CD has become one of my MP3 faves, especially for airplane flights. Look for "My Miner" to be featured in some film about coal mining, and "Let the Lover Be" is a queer anthem waiting to be discovered.

I picked up her other CD, One Foot Out the Door. (She also has a "first" CD that she no longer carts around with her) - listened en route home, it's a bit more classically country. Liked a few songs, but mostly liked those better live. My only real complaint is she does not really have a good song to put into yoga rotation.....

All in all, a great evening of live music. Abi has recently relocated from Austin to Western MA, so expect to see her playing around New England more. I got to speak with her a bit last night, and she is delightful and charming. Definitely a singer-songwriter to keep an eye on - she's got a great voice, great songwriting, and is an engaging performer.

And a quick shout out to Brian Burness, Bluegrass host at WWUH, who I met at the concert.

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Abi Tapia said...

Great to meet you, too! So glad you were there and hope to see you again at Falcon Ridge or just around New England. Yay!