January 04, 2009


Colin McEnroe says goodbye to his radio friends in his column this week. A lovely summing up.

I was one who listened from the beginning, when he had a morning solo show. I was just geting my consulting practice started - so I was around the house all day in the days before WNPR went to an all-talk format and there was a vast wasteland of classical music (not that there is anything wrng with that) between Morning Edition and All Things Considered. Colin kept me company.

And in these later years, as I tuned to the local Where We Live, and the national feeds of Day to Day or Talk of the Town, it would comfort me that Colin would be listening too - so often he wove stories and themes from these shows into his own afternoon broadcast.

There is this public radio thing called a "driveway moment" - when one is listening to an engaging story in the car, pulls into the driveway, but sits in the car listening until the end of a story - unable to pull away. It's one of those moments when one recommits to an annual donation. Colin had a different sort of memorable radio moment - he'd say something so funny that I would laugh out loud - in my office, the car, wherever.

Too bad there was no pledge drive for that.....

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Anonymous said...

There's a pledge drive now! Online. Read my post over at Orient Lodge:

Bring Back Colin McEnroe