January 11, 2009


Even though it has set up an internal struggle (with the yogic Ahimsa, or prinicipal of non-harm and non-killing), I caught two mice last night. We've gone the humane route in the past (with various levels of success) but the last few times we tried that did not pan out. They seem to sneak in about this time of year (and between my allergies and our dogs, we're not a cat house)

Zippy has been kvetching about the mouse for a while, and though I dug the traps out of the basement, they did not get set up (typical Zippy, he was sure that peanut butter and cheese would not work, they seem to go for cereal and grain, so he just seemed to be dismissive of the whole mousetrap project)

How it came to be my role to be killer of rodents, I dunno. So I am excited by my success, cognizant of the fact that I am gonna need to go buy more traps (two mice might just be the tip of the iceberg, and I'll kill the mice but I will not clean their bodies out of the traps), and fairly repulsed by my unyogic murderous streak.

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