January 04, 2009

Speaker of the House

Connecticut has a new speaker of the House, Representative Chris Donovan from Meriden. Story in today's Hartford Courant, here.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Donovan (and his wife) at an annual halloween party that Zippy and I have gone to over the years. If anything, Donovan's liberal bent (grass roots organizing, unions) was trumped by the crowd at the party (Unitarians and Librarians) - but he seems like the real deal - authentic, smart, heart in the right places. I'm a fan! (and not just of boomers playing in rock bands)

And his wife Elaine works in the health care field, so you can bet he has some insights and passion in the area of health care. Another big plus.

My political post for 2009. I return you now to your regularly scheduled blogging.....

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