December 31, 2005

2005 Wrap-up

A personal wrap-up really. I'll let the ten best lists, the world events, the entertainment and sports wrap-ups, the person(s) of the year, and other such end of the year rituals to others more knowledgeable or effusive.

It was a year of catching my breath and retrenching. A year when I gave up battling a ten year financial crisis, turned around and faced the dragon. Not the first time I have stopped running in my life - but hopefully the last. Life seems more centered of late.

2005 was a year when I started yoga. It was a year of exercise and increasing health.

It was a year of steady work and new opportunities.

I started the year having recently killed off a blog and abandoned an office outside the home, I start 2006 with a newly minted blog and the promise of reopening an office in February. In the long slow parabola of my life over the past few years, 2005 seems to have held a nadir - more and more there are signs of rebirth, growth, opportunity.

According to the christian calendar, its a new year. Celebrate safely, everyone who chooses to celebrate publically. We're having friends over for dinner, and will most likely be snoring as 2006 ticks over.

Do something affirming and positive and healthy and just a little offbeat, for yourself and for the universe.

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