December 19, 2005

Guess What, I am Back

It's been a long time. November 2004 was the last update before I pulled the plug on Jude Mood my previous blog (which for the record, ran from November 2002 through November 2004), neatly bookending a certain major life event. I did archive the old blog....not sure what if anything I will do with it but it does provide a nice life record.

I pulled the plug for a lot of reasons: I was pissing people off, I was filtering what I was writing because of who was reading, I was letting too much of my personal life out there.

I am too much of a iconoclast in certain subjects and with certain communities, and I needed to learn to shut up about stuff....

I hope to avoid some of the mistakes of the past. Have I grown wiser? Have I put some distance between me and the painful angry stuff? Have my wounds healed sufficiently so that I am able to re-engage?

Time will tell.....another experiment.

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