December 25, 2005

Happy Christmas...

...if that is your holiday of choice.

We went to see Ushpizin last night - really liked the movie, but more of the same patriarchy run amok (this time among hasidic jews in Israel). The theater was full of the local jewish population (many of whom were new to the theater, which is one of our favorite places) which was fun, after the movie it had a "post-services social" feel to it as people hung out and chatted or called greetings to each other across the theater. As someone raised roman catholic, who has always done christmas, its kind of fun to see what non-christians do on this religious / secular / legal / commercial juggernaut.

A bit of last minute present adornment (ribbons and bows) this morning, then a relaxing morning before we trek north to MA and the annual disgorgement of gifting that we call christmas in my family of origin. I'm celebrating the solstice and the return of light, and if the archetype of a divine child come as a symbol of peace and hope gets mixed in there somehow....well, so be it! My heart is large enough for multiple symbols, myths, and imagery.

Namaste, all.

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