December 27, 2005

Not working / Not not working

Weird week. Much of corporate america (my clients) has the week off. So its pretty quiet out there. 2005 ended fairly well for me so my receivables are pretty healthy moving into 2006. I have three days of production work schedule for the first week of January. I have no specific urgent, deadline induced projects in the queue. So I have little incentive to get busy.

On the other hand, I have things to do. I can start my 2005 wrap-up stuff (taxes); I have some apps notes to design and start to generate content for a client (back-burner project). I have one website I've been meaning to develop for a friend, another that needs its 2006 makeover, and an idea struck me to add a major section to my professional site related to writing / freelance (if you build it, they will come). I could organize the office. So I could be / should be, working. But its hard to get motivated this time of year.

Time to put together a to-do list, my usual prescription for motivational malaise.

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