December 28, 2005

Cell Phone Refusenik

I am having dinner tonight with my friend C who has no cell phone.

It's not because she can not afford one - she can, she could write it off, and cell phones are lower cost than a second land line these days.

It's not because she does not need one - she is self employed, visits her clients at their homes, and a cell phone would be incredibly handy to confirm appointments or permit her clients to connect with her while she is traveling from place to place. Not to mention it would provide her with a separate business line.

It's not because she has never experienced the sort of event where a cell phone would come in handy - she recently related an experience where she traveled many miles to a client's home to find nobody at home, waited 15 minutes before giving up, missed the client by 5 minutes, and returned home to a message on her machine from the client saying they were running late, and could she please hang out.

I mention this because one of the amusing incidents we associate with C (besides the way she tells this joke, but that's a different story) is the time we were supposed to meet her at the Picadilly Pub in Sturbridge. I made a mistake and thought we were supposed to meet at the Ninty-Nine. So we missed each other, after much confusion, waiting, frustration on both parts. If she had a cell phone, we would have had a nice meal, perhaps a bit late - but we would have connected.

I am not 100% sure why she is cell-phone averse. I think its a back to nature, pre-technological revolution, my mom and dad never had one so I do not need one either kind of thing (she lives in a house dating back to the 18th century, and she has a vegetable garden that is larger than the lot we live on that she tends by hand). That, or she is just a skinflint.

In any case, I am unable to find the restaurant where we are supposed to be meeting tonight (Rovezzi's) on Yahoo / Google / Maps / Yellow Pages. It's supposed to be in Sturbridge, and I see nothing even vaguely Italian near the intersection of the roads where she says it is (in case its a place that has changed hands or been renamed). I did find a place with the same name in Worcester (bad sign). So.....let's see if we replay the chaos.

It might be a new place, not yet on the map, so to speak, and 6:00 pm may see us sitting down to a nice meal. But....I might be making a run for the border on the way home, and vowing not to do dinner with her until she puts down the stone knives and bearskins....and picks up a 20th century communicator....

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